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Gosia Poraj, born in 1982, now lives and works in London. Received Masters Degree in 2006 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (Poland) specialising in printmaking.

Throughout the years following her degree she focused on commercial graphic design but continued to work on coloured block printing alongside. After relocating to London she moved towards painting and exploring watercolour techniques.



Ephemeral and blurry recollections of landscapes drift into impressions and feelings; senses that I translate into visual forms of shape and colour. During painting process I employ my deep observation in order to distill and to describe the surrounding world with the least amount of visual elements. This decluttering is reflected in my minimal style and my reluctance towards narratives supported by a meticulous technique and original aesthetics.

My technique is strongly derived from my printmaking seen through the use of layering and blending colours. Because of the nature of the inks which leave no room for corrections, I am always planning ahead the next layers, throughout the whole process of creating an image. Philosophical explorations of the mechanisms of memory and dreams have also influenced my work on many levels; just as dreams form as illogical and scattered visions, my paintings mirror this sense of the surreal. My works tend to appear as collage-like, as if shown from different angles and dimensions without a distinct perspective. However while on verge of being purely abstract, the root of inspiration is always clearly visible giving the viewer the ability to lead their way through the work.

My award-winning works have been exhibited in the UK and abroad.

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Group / soloshows / awards:

2016 – Edge of ordinary 5, Espacio Gallery, London
2016 – In Translation, Espacio Gallery, London
2015 – Art Maze, Bargehouse Gallery, Oxo Tower, London
2014 – Open Art Competition at the Black Swan Gallery – AWARDED WORK ‘DAWN’ FOR BAX FAMILY AWARD
2014 – Saatchi Art  – Featured Artist included in Collection ‘Originals for 1000$ and less’
2014 – Art Fair at Number 57
2014 – Featured Artist on Works.io
2012 – International Print Triennial Society in Krakow, SMTG Krakow, Poland
2012 – X Polish Quadrennial of woodcut and linocut – BWA Olsztyn, Poland
2007 – Galeria Wypuklodruku, ASP Katowice – Group Exhibition
2006 – Galeria, ASP Katowice – Group Exhibition
2006 – SOLO Exhibition – MA graduation exhibition, BWA Katowice
2005 – Light / Dark, Galeria na schodach, Katowice, Poland
2003 - III Red, Blue, Yellow curated by Carmen Grau Polytechnic University of Valencia, Sala de Exposiciones UPV, Valencia, Spain, Accademia di Belle Arti