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London Exhibition ‘In Translation’

In beginning of April I will be taking part in group exhibition “In Translation”. All 10 artists exhibiting are Members of Espacio Gallery that is based in Shoreditch (London).

Everyone is welcome to attend private view on the 7th April 6-9 pm. Please come and say ‘hello’.

The exhibition will last 6 days so if you’re unable to join us on the 7th feel free to pop in any time between 5-10 April during opening hours:

Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 1-7pm, Thur 4-9pm, Sun 1-5pm

In Translation is about the way that we create new languages, in order to interpret and convey our responses to the world. Art can be a way of making sense of our environment and of lived experience. It is as if the raw material of life needs to be translated - given a kind or order, or meaning, in order to make it liveable. This is Culture, and this is why art is at the root of culture. It offers us a way of looking, understanding and being in the world.

Beyond this, translation is a way of reaching out. Translations bring people together. They put us on the same page. Meaning is made meaningful when it is acknowledged by others. Through translations in art, our visions become powerful. They can bring about change.

In Translation brings together a group of artists from around the world. Whether they are inspired by their environments, by myths and legends, or by ideas and emotions, each artist’s work is underpinned by the need to translate experience into something visual and share-able. We are offered new perspectives, or understandings, and we are invited to translate their translations for ourselves.

Gosia Poraj, exhibition, London, Artist, abstract painting

Gosia Poraj, exhibition, London, Artist, abstract painting