Gosia Poraj | Contemporary Art

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Solo Exhibition 21.08 – 16.10

The solo exhibition of mine will take place in a vibrant space of The Jerusalem Tavern in the middle of buzzy Clerkenwell. I will present a mix of Giclee prints and Original paintings on paper looking to engage new audience in this lively environment.

As it’s a public space, there will be no private view as such, but I’m planning to be there a few times during the show.

Open: 21.08 – 16.10 weekdays 11am-11pm

55 Britton St, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 5UQ

“In her artistic practice, Gosia Poraj processes her memories and experiences while she accepts the fading of others. Philosophical explorations of the mechanisms of memory and dreams have influenced artist’s work on many levels; just as dreams form illogical and scattered visions, her paintings mirror this sense of the surreal. Gosia, being very attached to paper as her preferred material, has developed a very original technique using inks, that allows blending colours to create a sense of depth within an abstract scene. Her bright-coloured paintings tend to appear collage-like, as if shown from different angles and dimensions, without a distinct perspective.”